Who needs a personal website?


If there was ever a time all executives and professionals needed to build their personal reputation and a positive digital footprint, it would be now. A professional personal website is an online portfolio that highlights your work experience, education, professional skills, and career accomplishments. Our customizable designs can also offer the ability to add extra features not typically available in your traditional CV. An online professional presence is important in many fields because it allows your work to be available to employers and clients, showcasing your creative talents, skills, and qualifications.
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Who needs a personal website?

Almost everyone that is a specialist, businessperson, or industry leader. Because some industries and professions are more competitive than others here are the top ones that need a website.

1. Board Members and Executives

This is an obvious one, to be a board member you have to be experienced and recognized in your industry and thus board members and executives use career websites to showcase their experience and achievements as a way of building trust. As a board member and executive, you act as a sub-brand and influencer of the business, so having a personal website that sets you apart is as important as building a successful brand for the business.

2. Business Owners and Directors

As a business owner or director of a company your professional image is tied to the business. In order to attract investors, you need a personal brand that gives you credibility. Your ethics, confidence, and motivation will be seen through your digital footprint, making you more visible to potential investors and the right staff for your business.

3. Sales, Marketing and Communications Professionals

This is an industry that demands boldness, creativity, charm, expression, individualism, and spunk to say the least, and what better way to showcase all of that than a personal career website.

4. Finance and Banking Professionals

It is all about the numbers, what projects have you managed, what you have achieved, and how much impact have you had in the industry and companies you’ve worked for.

5. Design and Creative Professionals

This is another obvious one. As a design and creative professional you absolutely need to have a personal website as it allows you to showcase your creativity. There is only so much you can display and communicate with a traditional CV. With a professional personal website, you can be as creative as you’d like, incorporating a variety of elements as well as your work portfolio. This showcases your technical and design skills, which is especially helpful if the job you’re applying for is in the advertising, marketing or graphic design sectors. You might have created multimedia content (video, photography), where better to share them than on your own website?

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6. Project Managers and Consultants

The name of the game here is results, results, results. Show us the results, showcase your achievements and projects worked on.

7. IT and Software Engineers

Have you designed software, managed a hectic and near impossible project and succeeded? Well, your personal website as an IT professional should be an impressive one, filled with code snippets and overall IT competencies.

8. Legal, Management and Operations

Usually seen as administrative roles however there is a lot to share about your profession. A personal website will help raise your profile and provide a place to showcase your career. Having your own website sends a message that you care about your professional image. Good and relevant content shows you put time and thought into your job.

9. Engineers

Those complicated and amazing projects you have done are not going to showcase themselves to the world screaming “John created me with passion”. You my friend need a personal website to articulate and showcase those projects. In the fierce and competitive engineering employment market, your website will help anyone looking to employ or do business with you see why you are the obvious choice.


10. Doctors and Specialised Medics

Most Doctors I know double as Entrepreneurs, Board Members, Investors, etc. It makes commercial sense for healthcare professionals, i.e. Doctors and Surgeons to have a personal website marketing their services. In this brave new world of the internet, people are taking action and going online to find their medical professionals. If you have accolades or are regarded as top in your specific field, even better. If you are listed in publications, a website is a superb place to share this. Don’t be shy to share your accomplishments and achievements on your website. It will give a clear indication to anyone reading that you are in fact an expert in your field. This is not bragging; it is merely another way to show your visitors and potential patients why they should trust you as their Doctor. Also read: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/importance-having-personal-website-doctor-dr-chaithanya-r/

11. Public Personalities

A website is incredible for public personalities as it gives you a platform to share your passions, interests, and experiences in a way that is difficult to do on a résumé and gives your fanbase an opportunity to make those important connections. Whether it’s a shared hobby, life philosophy, or experience, making some sort of connection with your audience reminds them that you are a real person.

Benefits of having a Website.

SEO – Be more visible online. When interacting with a person, to find more information about them the best thing is to search for them online.

Credibility – Including reviews and endorsements from peers and clients creates a credible image backed by admiration and respect.

Professionalism – Have control over your own digital and career reputation, what people should know and understand about you and your character. Create a professional brand that will improve your online reputation.

Market Yourself – It is important to always be prepared and constantly market yourself to attract better and more suited opportunities by sharing information about your career and development.

Showcase Experience – A personal profile emphasizes the strength and qualities of an individual describing their true capabilities beyond the role they served in.

Build Confidence – Enhance your value proposition through the proper articulation of your talents and skills. A website also boosts your reputation and motivates others to want to do business with you.

Helpful Tips When Creating a Career Website


Good websites are not only about the looks they are about what content you have in it. Many people don’t even consider having a website because they don’t know what to put in it. The structure of a career website is not that difficult, it is a more versatile version of a personal portfolio.


Some people have a lot to say, a lot to leave behind in written form to educate fellow humans and contribute in one way or another. Blogging is not only for extroverts but for all who would like to share their knowledge and perspective on things. Your website allows you the freedom of expression because you can write your heart out, post and share your articles with colleagues and friends.


Now that you have the motivation and reason to have your own professional website, all you need to do is to get rolling. Even Surgeons don’t perform surgery on themselves, there are professional content writers and web-developers, make use of them for best results. Elite-CV also offers phenomenal Personal Websites as well as Digital CVs, designed to boost your career.


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