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Navigating a Career Transition

As a professional, you have likely spent years climbing the corporate ladder and building a successful career. However, at some point, you may find yourself

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Exciting LinkedIn Features
Career Branding

Exciting LinkedIn Features to Help you Build Your Professional Brand.

Aligning yourself with the right people and building professional networks can help you significantly in enhancing your brand. Most of us are very social beings, hungry for conversations, and speaking to people that can greatly contribute to our career progression. Do you know all the cool LinkedIn features that can help boost your profile?

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Important LinkedIn Don’ts

At this point, we are all fairly aware of how critical it is to have a good LinkedIn profile in order to have access to great career opportunities. However, as a professional social networking platform, lines may be blurry on what is acceptable online behaviour and what is considered crossing the line. In this article, we are going to highlight common mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn.

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