Reinvent yourself


Every challenge presents parallel opportunities. The worse things seem to be, the greater the available/potential opportunities. Unless you are a conspiracy theorist, the general consensus around the globe is “damn, didn’t see this one coming”. As unprecedented as this moment in time is, an equilibrium is attainable. We’ve been scared, confused, worried, stressed, and everything in between, but, the shell-shock is quickly nearing our rear-view or at least should be. Now it’s time we pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and figure out our next move. Most entrepreneurs found a way to reinvent their businesses to cater to current needs and most have profited handsomely, professional can and should do the same. Time to reassess your career objectives if you haven’t already done so.

The reality of things

Hundreds of thousands of professionals are currently facing brutal retrenchments as businesses are tackling incredible revenue loss. Simple things we may have previously taken for granted have quickly become luxuries. When you can longer just step out of your house for a walk at will, mask-free, freedom all of a sudden takes on a new meaning. Working parents that held full-time jobs because they could leave their little ones in day-care after school were faced with fresh challenges as lock-down restrictions eased down and work resumed. Things that are no longer the same are way too many to document in a single article. Point is, the new reality is the only reality that exists at this moment, so anyone holding on to the hope of things reverting to how it used to be will be sorely disappointed.


goals compressor 1A fresh start

Most people are where they are by accident or simply put, things happened, one job led to another, it was not necessarily the plan. Life has presented us with an opportunity to start again, a do-over. We can be more deliberate about the choices we make now that we have seen how fragile life is. What is stopping you from living the life you’ve always dreamed of, fear? We’ve seen the worst could happen without notice, and if you believe in balance then surely the opposite is also true, great things can happen. As you rebuild your career and your life, be a little more bold, do not let fear restrict you. You know the old saying “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.” —Les Brown

idea compressor

Invest in yourself

I am not talking about a financial investment, I am talking about applying the skills you use to grow the companies you work for to grow yourself. As you refocus and re-strategize, set goals that are closely aligned to the “new reality”. Don’t sell yourself short, and do not let recent changes derail your dreams, you may need to carve out new roads but as long as there is air in your lungs, you can still attain your goals. Take a moment everyday to be kind to yourself, read a book, do something that makes you happy, watch something that makes you laugh.

At the end of the day

YOLO. Learn to embrace change, however uncomfortable it may be. Seek opportunity in adversity, if you look hard enough, you will find that silver lining. Life offered us a chance to recharge our batteries, spend your energy wisely.


Be happy, you deserve it.


Happy Holidays

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