Not-Quite-Dream Job


Not-Quite-Dream Job

New year, most of us are probably reflecting on what we have done and accomplished the previous year. It is possible that you just realised that your current job does not address all your career-related objectives including passions. In some or most cases, it usually doesn’t. You are feeling uncomfortable and uneasy and that churn in your stomach might not be a flu bug but the stress of feeling like your career is stagnant.

Your job might just be a means to put food on the table, a survival mechanism, but as unbelievable as it sounds for someone who is doing something not aligned with their goals, there are a lot of career opportunities that could provide you with both a flexible job and comfortable life. You might have to invest a lot of time, and in other instances a bit of money, but what you give is what you get right?

Career Objectives

The first step would be to decide what you want out of your professional work. What do you expect to achieve from your ideal job? Apart from a salary that meets both your needs and wants, are you looking to get a car or housing allowance, do you want to work from home, or would you rather be at the office? Is it mandatory that it provides you with medical assistance and or funeral or life covers? Remember at this point, you are not desperate, you are allowed to have expectations, shoot for the stars.


After that long day at work, helping the kids with homework, cooking, and having dinner with the family, refresh, and then research. It sounds like a lot to ask for, given that 24 hours in a day is not enough, but that hour or two a day working towards your career can set you up for life. At this point you have established your goals, you know what you want, be intentional and find opportunities that will allow you to take vacations in June.

Right Place, Right Time, Right People!

You have done your research, now position yourself. Put yourself in places where you will gain more exposure and information on how to get to where you’re headed. Those short courses are important, the conferences, attend them, when you position yourself in the right places, at the right time, you meet the right people. Elevation then becomes inevitable.


To make the paper, you have got to look good on paper. Your personal profile is important. Your new employer or business partner better be impressed when they stumble across your CV or online presence. Something like your LinkedIn profile cannot be the reason why you’re not the next big shot business executive. Make sure that you have invested enough time to make yourself look great.

That not-quite-dream job will help you get opportunities of a lifetime. Do not sleep on it. Gain the necessary skills and expertise. Allow the job to take you places and once you get the opportunity that challenges and excites you while providing you with the potential for long-term growth and advancement, take it all in. Make sure that the company has a solid financial footing, has positions that meet your aspirations, including professional networks that will elevate you. Because you do not want to leave your current job for an opportunity that is still not integrated with your long-term objectives.