7 Tips on How to Ask a Person Directly for a Job


I remember the first time I was looking for a job, my first impression about recruiters was that they will actively look for new job opportunities in the marketplace on my behalf, boy was wrong.
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Recruiters fill positions that companies are struggling to fill themselves. So, who was going to pro-actively look for a job on my behalf, you guessed it, no one. The only person I could depend on was me.

For many people, this means submitting your CV to every job advertisement you see and continuously browse every job board website out there. These job-hunting strategies sometimes work but, often they’re not effective. 

Sometimes the best way to get a job quickly involves more than just searching job sites and getting personally involved. 

Here are 7 tips on how to ask someone for a job directly:

  1. Do research, especially on companies and positions you wish to acquire, then make efforts to connect with the hiring managers within your selected companies.
  2. Get contact details, this could be through the company website, connecting with them on social networks, such as LinkedIn, or calling the office and asking for an email address (remember; email addresses are easier to acquire than telephone numbers)
  3. Introduce yourself, when introducing yourself, start with compliments then seek advice and not opportunities, for example; your first line should be about how impressed you are with the organisation and the wonderful work they do. Afterwards, inform them of your intentions to get a job, however, ask for advice regarding your attached CV and if it is good enough for you to pursue opportunities in that organisation. Here is a nice article that illustrates how to introduce yourself. 
  4. Network and ask for referrals, build relationships with individuals within the company of your interest, and then ask for a referral to the hiring manager, referred people are usually more successful than the cold approach.
  5. Get physical, if all fails you can try a cool trick of sending a physical mail with your professional CV and introduction letter of intent. Yes, in the new world of technology we have forgotten about good old physical paper, now if you have a CV like this, then your documents will be read and most likely you will get a response.
  6. Work for FREE, sometimes the best way to get a job fast, is to offer your services for free like the Freemium model used in IT software systems. This should either be for a limited period or on a commission basis. If you have real value to offer to the company, then chances are you will get hired or be introduced to resources that can help you succeed.
  7. Go direct, if you have an Elite CV, then send it directly to Department Heads in the industry of your choice, let them know that you are eager, available, and interested in working with them. Chances are they will be impressed with the professional manner in which you present and market yourself. Click here for amazing sample CVs

When applying for opportunities directly, please make sure that you are not overreaching and that the positions you are applying for are suitable because this can waste people’s time but, more importantly, yours. Also, do not stalk, harass, or pester. People are busy so be patient when waiting for a response.


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