Exciting LinkedIn Features to Help you Build Your Professional Brand.


Aligning yourself with the right people and building professional networks can help you significantly in enhancing your brand. Most of us are very social beings, hungry for conversations, and speaking to people that can greatly contribute to our career progression. Do you know all the cool LinkedIn features that can help boost your profile?
Exciting LinkedIn Features

Do you know all the exciting LinkedIn features that can transform your LinkedIn profile to an opportunity magnet?

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools that allow us to make new friends, and industry acquittances, including business partners. It helps you to build the right connections at the right time to be able to take your career and professional brand to the next level. With that said, it is not always easy. Apart from some people being introverts, engaging with others can be intimidating. I mean, not everyone is willing to listen to you. Some people will not give you the time of day. They do not, after all, owe you anything.

Time is precious. Every single person on LinkedIn has a goal they are trying to achieve. First impressions last. Put your best foot forward when engaging with your networks, make it count, and do not waste a second of their time.

As hard as it can be to build valuable relationships, LinkedIn has some very cool features that can help you stand out. These enhancements not only allow you to build your personal/professional brand but also help you create mutually beneficial relations with people that can immensely contribute to the success of your career. While you might stumble upon some of these features accidentally, others come as a major system upgrade, and according to Forbes, these 4 are the most important ones that will help you tap into your creativity and maximise your efficiency when using LinkedIn.

  1. LinkedIn Feature – Creative Mode

    LinkedIn Feature – Creative Mode

LinkedIn has a Creator Mode function. It allows you to grow your reach and influence by displaying your top five hashtags right at the top of your profile, which makes it easier for you to find relevant content. Not only that, but the people whom you wish to impact, and influence will be able to find you because you will be clearly communicating your brand message and your content will ultimately be seen by people interested in your topics. This feature basically allows you to get noticed without you doing much of the heavy lifting and grants you access to creator tools (LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Newsletter) and creator analytics to see how your portfolio is performing.


  1. LinkedIn Feature – Webpage Link

    LinkedIn Feature – Webpage Link

You are in full control of what you want your connections to know about you. With this feature, you can add, for example, a link to your YouTube channel, digital CV, or website. This link can be included in the top section that contains your headshot and headline. Use this section wisely. Let the link direct your viewers to a place that showcases your professional brand to encourage them to want to work with you. Make sure that your site is up to date and leads to the exchange of ideas that benefit you and your networks.


  1. LinkedIn Feature – Post Optimisation

    LinkedIn Feature – Post Optimisation

Not everyone who comes across your post will read your post. Remember 55% of visitors will only read an article for 15 seconds or less. In the words of Ash Read, “The internet is a daily battle for attention.” So, what are you doing to keep people invested in your profile and posts? Your content can speak volumes, but if it is not engaging and visually alluring, people are not going to read it. LinkedIn provides a feature where you can showcase your brilliance through:

  • Carousel posts

LinkedIn carousel posts allow you to post engaging content that showcases both your personal and professional brand, which attracts your target audience and helps in building and maintaining your connections. This feature lets you share multi-page documents, allowing users to easily go through the content using the arrows that appear on the post.

  • Animated post images

It goes without saying that animation stands out on social media. Instead of using a pool of text and flat messages, try animated gifs. Be creative, use this feature, and keep your connections glued to your profile.


  1. Make your profile stand out

Make your profile stand out

Last, but certainly not least, you can make your profile stand out by using the Featured section. This is where you brag about your expertise by branding your profile and building content that attracts your connections. This feature allows you to add images, infographics, whitepapers, and videos to make your posts interesting. Just make sure to always keep the content fresh and updated, it’s the least you can do to compensate your connections for their time.

For your social well-being and as well as your professional confidence, regardless of whether you are shy (time to come out of your shell by the way), start using these features, they might just lead to your next big break.


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