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best cv writers in africa

Finding the best CV writers in Africa that caters for your profession in your region can be tricky, you can find many CV writers through a simple google search, but how do you know who you can trust? People can write their own CVs and have done so for decades. So why exactly do people turn to professional CV writers? It is simple, a professional CV writer understands what recruiters and employers look for in a CV, they know how to ATS optimise your CV, it saves time to have someone else worry about all the key elements of a great CV, and it takes the guesswork out of CV writing.

So now that we have that out of the way, lets look at some of the best CV writers in Africa.

Here is some information on the best CV writers in Africa

Elite CV

elite cv

Elite CV has been writing CVs for professionals and executives from around the globe for many years. Elite CV specialises in specialist roles, management and executive roles across many sectors and professions. Here you can get a range of services including CV and Cover Letter writing and design, career websites, career presentations, LinkedIn optimisation, and other related services. What’s more, Elite CV offers impressive turn around times where you can get CV and Cover Letter in just 2 days.

To ensure you get the best CV that caters precisely to the opportunities you are seeking, you get a consultation ahead of your CV being written.

Elite CV caters for professionals in South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Botswana, Lesotho, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, Ethiopia, Ghana, Angola, Tanzania, and other African countries.

Lesly Careers

Lesley Careers are CV writers are among the best CV writers and are based in Nairobi Kenya. They cater for graduates, people looking to make career moves, people with gaps in their careers, and experienced professionals. Lesley Careers have experience in CV and Cover Letter writing, LinkedIn profiles, and they offer interview coaching. Lesley Careers have a What’s App lien where you can book an appointment or chat with the team.

The Fasthire

The Fasthire is based in Nigeria and what is great, just like Elite CV, you can see all their prices for the different services on their website so there wont be any nasty surprises. Fasthire offers CV writing and cover letter writing services. Fasthire states their goal as to develop high-end job documents that increases your chances of making it to the interview stage by 50%.

Tashghil Egypt

Tashghil Egypt is based in Egypt (as the name suggests) and provides a range of Human Resource services including CV Writing. They provide good-looking CVs that also read well to help their customers get interviews. They cater for different professional levels including entry-level, professionals, executives, and people seeking to make career changes.

Manpower Morocco

Manpower Morocco offers a range of employment services such as CV Writing, interview preparations, local & foreign internship programmes, and job placement services. They of cause based in Morocco and offers quality CVs as they recognise the importance of a CV.


MyJobMag is based in Ghana and provides CV writing, Cover Letter writing, and LinkedIn optimisation. Their prices can be viewed on their website which is fantastic. According to MyJobMag, getting a job starts with a great profile. They offer ATS optimised CVs through the use of keywords. They help their customers get their professional and academic backgrounds noticed. MyJobMag Ghana’s turnaround time is 9 working days according to their website.

Jobs Botswana

As the name suggests, this company is based in Botswana. They are a job portal that also offers professional CV writing services. Here is a direct quote from their website that really caught my eye “Why should recruiters believe your ‘eye for detail’ when your CV is full of typos, spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors”. Jobs Botswana say a CV takes 24 to 48 hours depending on size and customisation. From what is available on the website, the order process is not clear, what is clear is the delivery method (what’s app or email) and available payment options.

Job Interview

Well, there you have it. No matter where you are in Africa, there is a company in or close to your region that offers professional CV writing service. You no longer need to struggle to put together a winning CV (a CV that gets you interviews), there is help available. If you are looking for a job locally, it may be a good idea to look at local CV writers, but if you are looking for a job outside your region or looking for a job in a multinational organisation, it may be a great idea to use a CV writing company that has a footprint internationally, such as Elite CV.


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