10 Signs It is time to get a new job


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Starting a new job is amazing, it is like a fresh start and an opportunity to reinvent yourself and improve your life while growing your career. Some people enjoy the same job for years on end because they choose security and stability over growth. Others stay in a job for a specified time to gain experience before moving on to the next. Regardless of which group you may fall under, sometimes there are circumstances that are not in your control that may push you to move on sooner than planned. In this article we will be exploring signs that it is time to get a new job.


When you stop caring

When you go to work and start feeling detached or when you adopt a zero #u@k$ given attitude, and your heart is simply no longer in it, don’t punish yourself and cheat your employer. Find a job that will put the fire back in your heart, a job you will be excited to wake up every day and go to.


When your purpose is calling

This is a very good reason to leave your job and get a new one that is in line with your purpose. When your true calling knocks on the door, do not hesitate. It is not often when people are presented with an opportunity to do something they are truly passionate about so when you get a chance of a lifetime, grab it with both hands.


When your growth is stifled

Growth is a natural part of life and feeling stuck in one place can be very demoralising. If you have done all you can to upskill and enhance your abilities and knowledge and have been more than patient in waiting for an opportunity to grow into a position with more responsibility and you get passed on every time, then it’s time to take your own career growth into your own hands and get a new job.


When you can no longer deal with daily traffic

Traffic is a major contributor to stress and anxiety and has an adverse effect on your general health. Some people have gotten injured or even lost their lives due to road rage which is something most people living in major cities witness often. If your daily commute to and from work is no longer bearable, it may very well be time to look for a job closer to home.

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When your boss starts hitting on you

Ok, there are other options to explore besides quitting a job you love should you find yourself on the receiving end of unwanted attention from your boss. But unless there is proof of misconduct reporting your boss to HR may end in he said she said and a very awkward working environment going forward. Unless you have hard evidence that will result in your boss getting dismissed, it may very well be time to move to a new, happy, and healthy environment.

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When your remuneration does not increase but everything else does

Most expenses face an annual increase of roughly 10%. From medical aid to school fees, to rent and don’t even get me started on the volatile petrol and food price. So, if your salary does not keep up with the increasing cost of living, then every year you are getting poorer and poorer and will at some point struggle to sustain your life if you don’t make a change.

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When u feel demotivated

Once you’ve done all you can to motivate yourself, but your work environment has the opposite effect on you, it may be time to re-evaluate your position and gauge if it is all worth it.

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When you have won the lotto or received an enormous inheritance pay-out

In the rare event your Powerball ticket renders you an instant millionaire, or your wealthy grandmother leaves you behind all her riches, waking up daily to go to a job that potentially pays you less than the monthly interest your multi-millions will be gaining you may no longer be worth your while. I’m not saying stay at home and blow through the cash faster than a wildfire on a windy day, but you may want to stop working for money and learn how to make your new-found cash work for you.

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When you constantly feeling like beating up your boss or colleagues

A bit of conflict is healthy and encourages crucial conversations which can see you and your team find creative solutions to business challenges. If however that conflict turns personal and you find yourself continuously fantasizing about giving your colleagues or boss a shiner, then it could be a good time to get yourself into a new team.

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When you realise that you are working for or with imbeciles

The workplace is a great place to inspire and get inspired. But sometimes you find yourself in situations where you question how the people you work with got into those positions in the first place, where their level of ignorance is extremely frustrating. In situations like this, you can either subject yourself to the torture or you can brush up your CV and get back into the market and pray for an awesome team.


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