You got your professionally done CV, now what?


You know how they say every achievement starts with the decision to try? You have taken the time to professionally write your CV, at this point it most probably feels like you have completed the hardest part of trying to land yourself your ideal job, to a certain extent, yes you have, but now it is time to professionally market yourself.
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Having a professional CV written by expert CV writers has lots of benefits because they help with formatting your document to be easily readable, they also use the right keywords to ensure that your document is correctly read by ATS. CV writers can transform your career brand by uncovering skills and achievements you already have and apply them your CV as great attributes that attract hiring managers.


Yes, a professionally written CV is amazing but, you still have a role to play in getting the job, the CV will not do all the work for you. So, now you have reached a point where you have to go the extra mile to set yourself apart from the competition. You have impressed recruiters with your professionally done CV, now you must stand out and also use other digital platforms to promote your career brand, this will help the recruiter and hiring manager gain a sense of the kind of person that you are and whether or not you are the perfect fit for their company culture.


1. Identify

The first step would be to identify the type of business and industry you want to be a part of. Here you need to evaluate your skills and experience to help you target the appropriate organizations. When you clearly have an idea of the type of companies you want to work for, that is when your research skills come to play. Check where the company posts available vacancies, if possible, build relationships with people that already work for these companies, because believe it or not, connections play a major role in one’s career.


2. Build an Online Reputation

Then you need to build a compelling online brand, this includes creating or enhancing your social media profiles on multiple platforms. You could also write blogs, post thought-provoking content in relation to what interests you, write and share articles and comments as well as build meaningful relationships with relevant people online. One of the best online platforms to make use of when looking for a job is LinkedIn. The channel provides you with a platform to showcase your experience, qualifications, and skills, makes it easier for you to engage with recruiters and allows you to easily market yourself.


3. Master the Art of Search

Search for job listings. There is a number of online platforms that make this step relatively easy. These include job boards such as Indeed, Pnet, and CareerJunction to name a few, which have advanced search options that help you navigate through a lot of job listings while allowing you to easily search by keyword, location, job title, and company.  These job boards also allow you to create alerts that notify you when vacancies you are interested in are posted so you do not miss out on any opportunities.


4. Cover Letter

Customize your cover letter for every role you are applying for. Create a generic cover letter that will enable you to easily edit to meet job spec requirements. Make sure the cover letter is detailed, concise, and explains why you are the perfect candidate for the vacant position. This will help you stand out during the application process and encourage the recruiter to invite you for an interview.


5. Persistence

“A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but its persistence” -Jim Watkins. You are going to encounter a lot of obstacles in your journey in trying to change your career path or of finding a job. You might even find yourself on the brink of giving up. I encourage you not to give up, try one last time, and if this one last time fails, try again. At some point, the universe is bound to conspire in your favor. 


Happy Holidays

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