It is unbelievable stressful to try and choose a career path where there are no in-demand jobs. It is bad enough that the unemployment rate is off the roof, sitting at home as a qualified professional in a certain field because there are no jobs in your chosen career path must be worse.

Watching your mates change jobs, and move from one promotion to the next because their careers have a wide range of in-demand jobs available will almost send you to an early grave. You will start thinking of creative ways to make a living. Which on your part might just be the better option because you cannot spend the rest of your life sitting at home doing nothing.

Professionals need to deal with the “revolving door” that is the constantly changing job requirements and skills demand due to technological automation and augmentation. The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Survey revealed that companies anticipate to re-structure their workforce in response to new technologies by reducing the current workforce and using contractors for tasks specialised work among other strategies.

If you have already chosen your career path and are qualified in a certain field but cannot land a job, change it. It’s never too late. Better yet, start your own business, and be an entrepreneur. Take the risk and build your own empire. However, not all of us have an entrepreneurial spirit. If you are thinking of changing careers, here is a list of in-demand jobs including jobs you should avoid due to the decline in hires. This is to help you plan in advance in the event you may need to transition from a declining role as well as keep you in the know with the latest labour market trends.

According to the report, Administrative roles such as Data Entry, Clerks, and Executive Secretaries as well as financial roles such as Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Auditing are on a rapid decline as a result of technology and automation. On the other hand, roles such as Data Analysts and Scientists, AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Software and Application Developers, as well as Digital Transformation Specialists, are some of the leading positions in growing demand.

Here are 20 top in-demand jobs and the decreasing roles:

Increasing DemandDecreasing Demand

1. Data Analysts and Scientists
2. AI and Machine Learning Specialists
3. Big Data Specialists
4. Digital Marketing and Strategy Specialists
5. Process Automation Specialists
6. Business Development Professionals
7. Digital Transformation Specialists
8. Information Security Analysts
9. Software and Applications Developers
10. Internet of Things Specialists
11. Project Managers
12. Business Services and Administration Managers
13. Database and Network Professionals
14. Robotics Engineers
15. Strategic Advisors
16. Management and Organization Analysts
17. FinTech Engineers
18. Mechanics and Machinery Repairers
19. Organizational Development Specialists
20. Risk Management Specialists

1. Data Entry Clerks
2. Administrative and Executive Secretaries
3. Accounting, Bookkeeping and Payroll Clerks
4. Accountants and Auditors
5. Assembly and Factory Workers
6. Business Services and Administration Managers
7. Client Information and Customer Service Workers
8. General and Operations Managers
9. Mechanics and Machinery Repairers
10. Material-Recording and Stock-Keeping Clerks
11. Financial Analysts
12. Postal Service Clerks
13. Sales Rep., Wholesale and Manuf., Tech. and Sci.Products
14. Relationship Managers
15. Bank Tellers and Related Clerks
16. Door-To-Door Sales, News and Street Vendors
17. Electronics and Telecoms Installers and Repairers
18. Human Resources Specialists
19. Training and Development Specialists
20. Construction Laborers

Reference: World Economic Forum – The Future of Jobs Report

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