Top 10 Best Cities for Expats in 2022


Are you a professional looking to start afresh in another country? The global economy is back in the swing of things and companies are hiring again. If you’ve been yearning for a change, there is no time like the present.
best cities for expats

Before you start sending out your newly polished professional CV, have a look at which best cities for expats based on a Expert Insider Survey done by InterNations. InterNations is the largest global community with around 4 million members in 420 cities around the world.

There is plenty to consider before making such a massive change including cost of living, safety, languages, climate, different cultures, and most importantly (due to the pandemic) health care systems. Surprisingly, the USA and the UK did not make the top 10 list they came in at number 34 and 45 respectively. This is a massive drop as these two countries dominated the 2018 survey as covered in our 5 International cities that offer the most job opportunities for expats.   

Here are the top 10 Best Cities for Expats:

taichung taiwan cityscape PHNVK4J 1

1. Taiwan

Taiwan came up top mostly due to its implacable medical care amongst other reasons. Quality of life is another reason Taiwan landed the top spot and the majority of expats in Taiwan reported they were happy with the state of the local economy as well as job security.

Fun Facts about Taiwan:

  • In most restaurants, you pay for your meals before you eat.
  • There are no trash cans in the streets, instead, garbage trucks drive around collecting trash from people playing……wait for it……. Beethoven! What a wow!
coast in costa rica PRBX45M 1

2. Costa Rica

Costa Rica ranked top for ease of settling and for having a generally friendly population which is a huge plus if you are far away from home. It is also said to have an amazing culture and social life, it is no wonder it came in second place worldwide for personal happiness after Mexico which took 1st place.

Fun Facts about Costa Rica:

  • It is one of the happiest countries in the world!
  • The sun rises and sets at the same time all year round with about 12 daylight hours. Who wouldn’t be happy?
guanajuato mexico NQAL2R3

3. Mexico             

Mexico and Costa Rica veered very similar results with friendly locals and ease of settling. It also scored very high when it comes to personal finance and cost of living. However, when it came to safety and security Mexico was ranked in the bottom 10. Additionally, 27% of experts were unhappy with water and sanitation. Overall Mexico performed poorly when it came to quality of life, but if all you seek is making and saving money while living among very friendly people, this could be the place for you.

Fun Facts about Mexico:

  • Mexico is the fourth most biodiverse country in the world.
  • Mexico has not only brought us tacos it also brought the world tequila. Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!
kuala lumpur malaysia cityscape ZJP7STK

4. Malaysia

Malaysia does very well when it comes to job satisfaction. It is also highly rated for ease of settling, reasonable cost of living and favourable personal finances. Its tropical weather and amazing beaches are an added bonus.

lisbon portugal alfama PUF7RJU

5. Portugal

Portugal is considered one of the most peaceful countries to live in and is ranked as very affordable, actually, Portugal may have the lowest cost of living in Europe.  

auckland city new zealand P9JZ4VC

6. New Zealand    

New Zealand is highly revered as one of the world’s safest places to live and standard police do not carry firearms. The services sector makes up a large chunk of the economy. The cost of living in New Zealand is a bit on the higher side.

Austria adelaide city 6VUF8W5

7. Australia

Australia is ranked very high when it comes to quality of life and ease of settling in, however, most expats seem to struggle a bit with affordability.

ecuador YB9NRCV
Panoramic cityscape, Quito, Ecuador

8. Ecuador

Expats in Ecuador are very happy when it comes to their personal finances, and this is mainly due to a fairly low cost of living. Climate and culture make this destination one to consider.

toronto city skyline ontario canada DWQCHYZ

9. Canada

Canada is also one of the world’s safest countries and makes the top ten in the Global Peace Index. Quality of life as well as ease of settling in are some of the benefits enjoyed by expats in Canada along with job satisfaction and work-life balance.

panoramic view of da nang city at night vietnam SC93CRS

10. Vietnam

Last but definitely not least, Vietnam scores major points when it comes to cost of living and its subsequent impact on personal finances. In addition, expats in Vietnam report the highest levels of overall job satisfaction worldwide. Availability of healthcare and safety are some of the things you can look forward to when moving to this gorgeous country.

Well, there you have it. So many places offer safety, peace, great culture, job satisfaction and a possibility of a happier and financially satisfying life. Whatever your personal preferences are, I’m pretty sure there is at least one place on this top ten list of the best countries for expats that may tickle your fancy.

Wherever you go, don’t compete, DOMINATE!


Happy Holidays

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