Things to consider when changing careers


Change is good… or so they say. But where do you even start? Truth is, it’s not easy jumping from one career path to the next. There are tons of things you need to consider. So, will it be worth all the blood, sweat and tears you are going to endure? Because unless you are really lucky and well connected, it is not going to be a walk in the park.


But why exactly do you want to change careers? People are different and have different motivations leading to why they want to take this huge step. Is it the money? Are you bored and not feeling challenged anymore? Have your values changed, cause honestly the ideas you had at 22 might not trip your trigger at 40. Did you just realize that there is more to life than work, and you want to focus on other things? Do you want to chase your long-term dream considering that your passion lies elsewhere? Or are you simply just not happy with what you are currently doing?


Yes, various factors contribute to you wanting to follow your heart and taking a leap of faith, but the reality is, a lot of people have bills to pay, and that is probably one of the primary reasons why many of us are employed in the first place. This then boils down to the fact that until you fulfill the change you are seeking, you remain stuck doing the job may no longer love. Life sadly wont pause and wait for your circumstances to change, the wheel will continue to spin and your bills aren’t going wait either so you need to be very strategic about smoothly transitioning into your new chosen field.Before taking the next step you need to do extensive research in order to understand all the things you need to consider before you change your career. These include:

  1. Your salary expectation. You need to understand your salary prospects relating to your newly chosen career path, including your long-term earning potential, to determine whether leaving your current job is the best financial move.
  2. Think about your professional reputation. Are you willing to let go of what you have now and start from the bottom again? We all know that building a reputation is not easy, but once you’ve built it, it adds great value towards your career development objectives.
  3. Do you have what it takes? Different jobs have different requirements, do you have the right skills, experience and attributes to do the job and fit in perfectly into the new working environment?
  4. Education. Consider the type of qualification you require for the next job you want to do. Make sure that you have the time, money, and support in case you need to pursue a whole new qualification or a short course.
  5. Will you be happier doing what you are passionate about, or will you end up wanting to change it or even go back to pursuing what you were doing before? The only way to figure this out is to test your new career, whether it’s volunteering or doing part-time work that relates to the field you want to go into, to see whether it is the right choice.

Changing careers can significantly contribute towards your personal and professional growth, you then need to exhaust all your options before making this drastic move, to make sure that the change contributes to the achievement of your career goals, your happiness, including your financial objectives.

The industry does not have space for people who do not belong, find your ground, and do whatever it takes to capitalize on it.


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