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How to Become a C-Level Executive

Constantly evolve with emerging technology, the business landscape is always changing and as a C-level executive, you need to be aware of the changes so as to better lead the company in the right direction, so remember to always learn new things because, for an executive, knowledge is constantly accumulated.

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how to write an executive CV
CV & Cover Letter Writing

How to Write an Executive CV

Gone are the olden days where writing a CV was a copy and paste of your roles and responsibilities, employers want to know your value proposition, how will you help and improve them, they would like to see the results of what you have previously achieved, they don’t want to be stuck with the wrong person for the job.

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12 Career Tips You Never Hear

“Don’t look too busy. I’ve seen smart and dedicated employees fail to get promoted, because they have taken on too much, working too hard, and appeared too frazzled. If you appear stressed, people will think you aren’t prepared to take on more, and you’ll miss opportunities for new and innovative projects.” – Mira Zaslove

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