Career Portfolio

Career portfolio

Portfolios were previously known to be reserved and used by actors, artists and people in the creative space. But lately, top professionals, executives, and Business owners are reaping the benefits of having a portfolio.

A career portfolio tells a more comprehensive story of your abilities and value. It provides a visual depiction of career progression, skill level, leadership aptitude, and value proposition. Simply put, a portfolio provides “evidence” of your capability by demonstrating what you’ve accomplished in the past.

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Why do I need a career portfolio?

A professional portfolio tells the story of who you are and what you do best, it the best way to present yourself and your work to a targeted audience.

It allows you to professionally exhibit and provide tangible proof of your skills, knowledge, projects, and experience.

It is way more comprehensive than a résumé.

It is a multi-faceted way to organise your accomplishments, goals, and value proposition.

For business owners, it can be helpful when forming new partnerships, applying for funding, and for many other business uses.

Our career portfolios are versatile and can be customised for a specific need.

CEOs and Executives

Business Owners

Board Members

Expatriates (Expats)

Ministers and Politicians


What is included in an Elite CV Career Portfolio?

Here is a list of possible items we can include in your portfolio, customisable depending on use.

A professionally written Biography

A résumé

Attributes and key skills



Media Contributions

Social Responsibility


Testimonials and Recommendations

Items included will be based on your profession and requirements, your portfolio will be tailored to your specific needs.

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