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Say NO to doubt and feelings of inferiority, self-confidence is a critical success factor, it is something that can be learned
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The beginning of the year is a perfect time to make resolutions, which are, firm decisions to do or not to do some things. We would like to focus on things not to do, tips that will help you to reach incredible success faster in the new year. These are things that compromise us during the year and we end up finding ourselves reacting to situations instead of consciously and proactively being in control.

Learn to say no to your own mediocrity

  1. Say NO to laziness, that desire to be idle, to do nothing. The only way to archive and succeed is to constantly take massive action: click HERE for tips to overcome laziness from
  2. Say NO to small dreams and weak ambitions, if you dream about peanuts you will get peanuts. Here are some great tips on dreaming big from Brain Tracy.
  3. Say NO to doubt and feelings of inferiority, self-confidence is a critical success factor, it is something that can be learned and here are great lessons from
  4. No to self-discouragement and sabotage, stop putting yourself down with negative self-talk like “I can’t, it’s impossible, I am not enough” to help you with this, here are practical steps from
  5. Say NO to TV and distractions, focus is important in getting things done and success is depended on getting things done. Here is a video to help with this.
  6. Say NO to uncontrolled emotions, learn not to act on emotions too quickly, this can lead to stress and mistakes, to conquer a year, a rational mind will be helpful, here is great advice from regarding emotions.
  7. Say NO to Negativity and past mistakes, ignore those who will remind you of why you can’t, this is a new year, a new you, this is your year. Here are tips to help you to claim the year.
  8. Say NO to procrastination, this is a habit that can destroy your year and you need to constantly see if you don’t fall victim to it. Here is a short and great video to help you.
  9. Say NO to unhealthy living, you only have one body and you need to take care of it so that in return, it may help you to perform at your optimal best during this lifetime. Here are some great tips from
  10. Say NO to unplanned events, don’t just agree to unnecessary commitments, time is important and you must learn to use it wisely “Click HERE for some great time management tips from Forbes”

“It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” (Carlton Fisk)

Success is never a coincidence, it’s deliberately acquired. Elite CV, let us help make your 2018 a year of great achievements.


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