Corporate Retrenchment Services

A retrenchment can be overwhelming, and looking for a new job can be a frustrating and daunting task, especially for those who lack the knowledge and confidence to do so.

Corporate Retrenchment Services

Let us help your retrenched employees to easily find their next job opportunity.

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We provide an intensive self-training programme that educates employees affected by a retrenchment on:

How to overcome a retrenchment

How to find the next job opportunity

How to build a successful career brand

We go an extra mile to ensure their success, we:

Create an ATS optimised CV using the right keywords relevant to them

Professionally write and layout their CV document

Showcase their skills, attributes and achievements professionally

Help them to effectively use LinkedIn to find a job

Introduce them to hiring managers for job opportunities

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From as little as R150 per employee this is a perfect gift for your exiting team. Give them another chance to succeed.

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