7 Secrets of a Recruiter


Recruiters may not be everybody’s favourite; however, we have to take our hats off to these individuals who are constantly helping match the right candidates to available opportunities. Without advice and assistance from recruiters, many people would still be struggling through the job search process. The value they provide benefits job seekers and employers alike, they are the glue that binds it all together.

Recruiters may seem intimidating, but their position is to serve the interest of both the candidate and the company.


They are responsible for enlisting and enrolling candidates as employees. They assist in keeping the candidate and hiring company connected throughout the recruitment process. They serve a fundamental role in communicating the company’s expectations to the candidate and vice-versa, this is important because it ensures that both parties are happy at the end of the transaction.

If you work well with a great recruiter, your chances of finding great opportunities in the marketplace increase tremendously but, to work well with recruiters, you need to understand how they operate.

Recruiters post job openings from companies that have appointed them and that involves briefing, planning, and strategy sessions prior to the recruitment selection process. Time is very important so, before they do anything, they have to have a solid plan on how to go about getting the best candidate for the vacancy. Once the post is out, the most crucial part of the process begins; searching, screening, and evaluation, ahead of sending potential candidates for interviews with hiring managers.

Recruiters get paid for providing quality candidates, if their candidate is not chosen then they don’t get paid. Their mission is to get the best candidates because the quality they deliver directly influences their revenue. Thus, it is very important for you as a job hunter to always put your best foot forward, work on your career brand to a point where you are easily recognised by recruiters from the get-go because by doing so you will also be enhancing your chances of being headhunted.

LinkedIn is more like a camping site for Recruiters as they spend most of their time there looking for and vetting candidates. So, you need to have a professional and up to date online presence

Be mindful of the online trails you’re leaving, because they are easy to find. Recruiters review social media profiles to gain awareness of your background and the brand you portray. Make sure you accurately present yourself; your online presence has to match with what is on your résumé.

If you are not sure if your CV is up to standard, submit your CV for a free review and our CV experts will review and get back to you with feedback on how you can improve your CV.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) computer systems created to automate and manage the application process, these systems are designed to shortlist candidates on behalf of the recruiter to eliminate candidates that do not meet the minimum requirements for the role advertised. This saves the recruiter loads of time. So, if you want your CV in front of recruiters, it is important to ATS optimise your CV.

Don’t lie to your recruiter, experienced recruiters have been working with people for a long time and by instinct know if something is wrong with your application. Take careful note of what you put down in your CV and who you list as your reference. Use senior references that will talk about your strengths in specific situations. Bad references can ruin your candidacy as much as good ones can strengthen it.

In most cases, if the recruiter found you impressive, they will often check on you to see if you are still happy with your job because they know they can place you in a better position that will make more money for both of you.

When in the job market work with recruiters and help them to sell you better by constantly improving your career and branding yourself in a professional way.

When in the job market work with recruiters and help them to sell you better by constantly improving your career and branding yourself in a professional way.

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