10 Jobs Facing Extinction and 10 Emerging Ones


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Digital transformation (The Fourth Industrial Revolution) and AI (Artificial intelligence) seem to be greatly disturbing the employment landscape. Many jobs are facing extinction in the next few years due to automation, AI and other forms of robotics. Yes, many jobs will soon be lost, especially jobs that require low skill levels.

According to the World Economic ForumFuture of Jobs Report 2018, these are the top 10 declining jobs around the world.

  1. Data entry clerks
  2. Accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerks
  3. Administrative and executive secretaries
  4. Assemble and factory workers
  5. Client information and customer service workers
  6. Business services and administration managers
  7. Accountants and auditors
  8. Material recording and stock keeping clerks
  9. General and operations managers
  10. Postal service clerks


When the first tractors came out in the 18th century, most probably many farm employees were scared that their jobs would be taken by the machines but instead, many new jobs emerged due to the availability of time and the need to manage these new machines. This also happened when the first ATMs (automatic teller machines) came out many years ago.

Technology is evolving, and we should not be scared nor worried about it, new jobs will emerge, and new skills will be taught, we must just be willing to learn and change.

Here are the top emerging careers according to the same report;

  1. Data analysts and scientists
  2. AI and machine learning specialists
  3. General and operations managers
  4. Software and applications developers and analysts
  5. Sales and marketing professionals
  6. Big data specialists
  7. Digital transformation specialists
  8. New technology specialists
  9. Organisational development specialists
  10. Information technology services


This is not going to be an easy transition many people will have to go back to school and learn new skills but with the availability of the internet, it will also up to you as an individual to teach yourself new skills. We are evolving for the better.

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